2013 what a year! As the Vice President of the Harrisburg Days Foundation my primary job is to support the efforts of the President and the foundation.  That said, those of us that serve on volunteer boards all know we wear multiple hats. My secondary hat is event logistics and being the director of the Harrisburg Days Winter Classic basketball tournament.

2013 was a roller coaster ride for me and the foundation. Starting with the wash out of our annual event, Harrisburg Days, which is by far the most gut wrenching feeling one can have! Luckily, we had the big tent to save our evening concerts. Thank you to all that came out and supported the HDF and our event. We truly love seeing people from our community and others having a great time. 

A month later we composed ourselves after the rain out and had to move right into land purchase mode. After 2 years of negotiating with the Devitt’s, the deal to purchase the property north of Liberty elementary was finalized. It was a great feeling to finally meet the Devitt’s in person and thank them for sharing our vision of the Central Park. So know the vision of the new Central Park is closer to becoming a reality as HDF now owns 22 acres to the North and West of the current baseball fields behind Liberty.

As if all of that was not enough for a volunteer board, we had a new business move into town that wanted to partner with the city, HDF and HBA to refurbish the current baseball diamonds and build new fields. I personally supported the idea of new fields and still do, but unfortunately the deal was not good for the city and the residents. Who suffers the most? The kids trying to play and learn a sport in less than perfect surroundings. If you would like any details please feel free to stop and talk to me.

Hat 2, or is that now 4? Harrisburg Days Winter Classic, as director of the event it’s my job to make sure the weekend of basketball games goes off without a hitch. Well that is easier said than done! However the weekend did go quite well and I am happy to report we had 50 teams compete for championships in 7 divisions. This event is now in year 5 and has proven to be a great way to generate funds to operate HDF. A big shout out to all of the volunteers and board members that put in long hours to make this event a success!

So now we have come full circle and are back to focusing on Harrisburg Days 2014 and making that the best event we can! Stay tuned for more info on concerts for this summer’s events. We will be announcing those via social media.


If you have any comments or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me through the website.


Collin Mckenzie

VP Harrisburg Days Foundation